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Scans and cleans your PC by deleting temporary files and registries
Nate Hargraves — 4 years ago
A very useful tool to help with keeping your system clear of files that tend to affect your system's performance. The application is constantly updated, and has proven to be an invaluable utility in my arsenal for maintaining my system's performance.
Walter Crawford — 5 years ago
It is a very efficient program and gets better with every update.
FncSlm — 6 years ago
For me, it deserves three stars because it's time for the Piriform combines the following apps: - CCleaner - Recuva - Defraggler - Speccy Four in one with the ability to enable or disable apps, many other programs are going to overcome this app.
keving326 — 6 years ago
We can also try Duplicate Files Deleter.
Sonya Devis — 6 years ago
Best app. Search no more for a better one.
robert stewart — 6 years ago
Cleans my PC right away.
antilag — 7 years ago
A great cleaning program, saves a lot of space by clearing caches files plus deletes browsing history. includes additional tools like registry cleaner and uninstall tools. highly recommended.
greg — 7 years ago
If you have confidence in it, it will be a real time saver.
SoumYa RanJan — 7 years ago
Cleans faster and better in the Business Edition
steffen1980 — 8 years ago
is the best quick cleaner programm for fast cleanup the PC
Ayub Barnawi — 9 years ago
best system defender
Majdoubi Mohamed — 9 years ago
Irshad Haniffa — 9 years ago
best cleaning program ever
Guest — 9 years ago
jun — 9 years ago
very effective
col. Fedmahn Kassad — 9 years ago
5 stars onlly because 0$ - option Best cleaning solution if you're broke like me!
Guest — 9 years ago
it's good in cleaning and optimizing the computer
Muhammad Waqas — 9 years ago
Graham James Campbell — 9 years ago
ARDV — 9 years ago
good program
thescream — 9 years ago
Very good
vrushankzaveri — 9 years ago
This is super
dadondread26 — 9 years ago
very good
glphil — 9 years ago
Great Program!!! I've been using it around 10 years. Every update it gets better! Never had one problem with it! I urge all to try it!!!
Guest — 9 years ago
Great for saving memory
Guest — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
allman — 10 years ago
Easy to use and more importantly, effective.This is really good soft.
Guest — 10 years ago
It cleans everything!
Khairul Bashar — 10 years ago
works good
Guest — 10 years ago
use ccleaner all the time,not let me down once.
stormrid — 10 years ago
this software is very usefull.. light,cool and free
Guest — 10 years ago
I love this cleaner it cleans up stuff I didn't even know were on my computer!! I would highly recommend this software to anyone even new computer users!
g3man — 10 years ago
many functions, easy, works well, good GUI
gallu_sidhu — 10 years ago
very good pc cleaner
Guest — 10 years ago
Quick, efficient
Guest — 10 years ago
good app
Guest — 10 years ago
good program
Guest — 10 years ago
Excellent program
klischee — 10 years ago
Guest — 10 years ago
it's really good ;]
Guest — 10 years ago
I just love it.
MrFreb — 10 years ago
Small, stable and safe
LukeB — 10 years ago
Ccleaner is more than a cleaner!
Momentum — 10 years ago
One of the best apps ever
Teressa Newman Gunter — 10 years ago
The best cleaner I have Used.
Guest — 10 years ago
Another freeware delight.
Guest — 10 years ago
Nice program
sourav — 10 years ago
It is good
Wang — 10 years ago
Very good
Guest — 10 years ago
Util para limpiar Registro de Windows de anotaciones que ya no se usan. Tambi
Guest — 10 years ago
a must
roy harvey — 10 years ago
A1. User friendly and does what it says it will do
BlThunder — 10 years ago
Great helps to keep the computer clean
Anand Swaroop — 10 years ago
ccleaner is very good software for computer, to clean computer we need not check every where to clean but directly go to ccleaner and press one button and it cleans everything
TkEfSaNe — 10 years ago
you can get rid of useless things
Guest — 10 years ago
very good
Guest — 10 years ago
Best entry level maintenance.
Guest — 10 years ago
It rocks!
bearbottoms — 10 years ago
If you don't have it...get it. This is a must have tool. I can't praise it enough.
David Lin — 10 years ago
SHAQS — 10 years ago
Rimal — 10 years ago
Love the way it cleaned... good uninstall manager... registry cleaner....
Red life — 10 years ago
italotoffolo — 10 years ago
Sundaram — 10 years ago
Nice piece of program to erase the traces.
Karol — 10 years ago
Every day utility
Guest — 10 years ago
It's working great
engg.jewel — 10 years ago
Christopher Cunningham — 10 years ago
Great application, quick and easy.
Aluqha — 11 years ago
Excelente limpiador y reparador del registro
Erjon Grori — 11 years ago
the best program
Dave Attebery — 11 years ago
Ease of use, small packaging, little time to execute. It's a great program
Evilgoat — 11 years ago
very helpful and efficient
balus — 11 years ago
Keeps the crap out of my pc
Skyrunner — 11 years ago
Best known (for me) tool to clean up your computer from unneeded files
Guest — 10 years ago
excellent program
Guest — 11 years ago
it's free
Askolds — 11 years ago
nice soft
Guest — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
solid program
Emil Olandria — 11 years ago
nice program
Flyboy — 11 years ago
very nice cleaner, does its job very well
OLLI_S — 11 years ago
Perfect application to get rid of all temporary files, log files, cache file. delete is secure, no important files are deleted.
Chuck — 11 years ago
Marko — 11 years ago
Techno Luigi — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
Mishkafofer — 11 years ago
Cannot backup deleted file for recovery.
Murtuza — 11 years ago
The Best Software cleaning waste as well as Registry and wipes free space on hard disk.
Guest — 11 years ago
easy to use and works perfect
David — 11 years ago
Love it! Keeps my computer free from unwanted cookies, unwanted startup applications, and has an auto run feature that saves me some hassle.
Guest — 11 years ago
easy to use
Willem — 11 years ago
Good features and works well
brokenlizard — 11 years ago
It's free and it's very good at cleaning ur hard drive
Guest — 11 years ago
Very good, convenient cleaner that is configurable.
itstudent — 11 years ago
Not upto the mark
Guest — 11 years ago
best in west
Guest — 11 years ago
good but not perfect
Guest — 11 years ago
not so fast as i wish, do not grab all garbage
cuggie — 11 years ago
The beat cleaner. Never had it make a mistake
Hasan — 11 years ago
awesome and free software for system optimizing
Guest — 11 years ago
very good
Guest — 11 years ago
I have been using this product for over 3 years and upgrade every chance that I get it is a excelent product and easy to use
Guest — 11 years ago
DDM — 11 years ago
good program
David Biller — 10 years ago
The Best!!!
EduardoPtt — 10 years ago
Very good one!
Guest — 11 years ago
very good
Guest — 11 years ago
very good program and it's use small space in the hard disk
Augie — 11 years ago
This cleaner finds junk that the others leave behind, has been around for some time and is highly recommended
milosh — 11 years ago
The best and the most stable tweaking & cleaning software i ever used for windows 7.
Guest — 11 years ago
very cool
Guest — 11 years ago
Vernon Guillory — 11 years ago
The 'agreements' are long and meaningless, not news, but the program itself is very nice, except I have to close the Firefox like its a germ, but otherwise its very nice.
Guest — 11 years ago
very good
santosh — 11 years ago
fast and easy
titas — 11 years ago
Good one,i like it
Guest — 11 years ago
easy and helpful
Rodrigo — 11 years ago
Advanced System Care
z007117 — 11 years ago
very good
Guest — 11 years ago
Fast and easy
Darvs — 11 years ago
good and its a easy registry cleener,
Guest — 11 years ago
Fast and Free
Italo Moreira — 11 years ago
very good
Nomad Soul — 11 years ago
Easy clean you PC.
Guest — 11 years ago
My computer too slow
halo — 11 years ago
Free, fast; reg cleaning should be improved
Rohit Agarwal — 11 years ago
very good software. in one go it can clean junk from your entire computer
Pedro Henrique — 11 years ago
Great program
Adi Putera — 11 years ago
Thanks. Very helpfull!
Guest — 11 years ago
the best
Alex Nikas — 11 years ago
it works perfect!!!
Guest — 11 years ago
Does it's job without fuss
jbleck — 11 years ago
free, small, does what it says unlike some expensive other software
Barry Ward — 11 years ago
Tidy and quick.
John Quigley — 11 years ago
Find that this program is very efficient and much faster than the built in Windows programs.
punktdawg — 11 years ago
Very useful cleaning utility.
Guest — 11 years ago
ajho — 11 years ago
it's a good program
Adrian Winata on Windows 7 — 11 years ago
Cleans my computer in seconds.
Scribbly — 11 years ago
Good clean up functions, frequent updates.
Guest — 11 years ago
the best
Guest — 11 years ago
sufwan — 12 years ago
this software removes rubbish things from drive:c
Guest — 12 years ago
Hazim Adil Yesildag — 11 years ago
easy and great
Guest — 12 years ago
balakrishnan — 12 years ago
charu nirmal — 12 years ago
no replacement for it....
rosshi — 12 years ago
The best free internet crap cleaner around and it's FREE! t'boot. Also has a very good and safe registry cleaner, and an un-installer too...
Guest — 12 years ago
I love this program
Guest — 12 years ago
Quick and reliable deleting of unnecessary files
Goodsilver — 12 years ago
Vaibhav — 12 years ago
Best Scavenger i.e. the best history cleaner i have ever used.
jay — 12 years ago
real good cleans loads of stuff
Tony Williams — 12 years ago
works very well
Quick and effective
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