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Scans and cleans your PC by deleting temporary files and registries
Rajesh Gupta
Answer by Rajesh Gupta

It appears that the user is facing difficulties downloading an update for CCleaner and is unable to ask questions using their email address.

Question by Sonrise
June 28, 2018
Question by Rick
March 31, 2017

If you run 35 passes with CCleaner and wipe free space, then if it finishes and you run it again back to back, does it mean you have wiped it 70 times or does it ignore what has been wiped and look for new stuff?

Answer by Alex Urbach

The passes won't double if you run it the way you've mentioned above. Also, the developers created a page with details regarding the Wipe Space function found in the CCleaner application.

Here is the page:

According to the page, there are the limitations regarding the Wipe Free Space:

  • The file has been overwritten by another file (so no need to overwrite this again)
  • The file had been overwritten by another file before you ran CCleaner, but the second file has now been deleted as well.
  • The file was created almost exactly when you ran CCleaner.
Question by Tommy Mcdaniel
October 26, 2012
Stephen Prastman
Answer by Stephen Prastman

The answer would be NO, because CCleaner's potential is observed on devices with hard drives. The iPad does not need this type of applications. Of course, there are "cleaners" available but they only perform simple cleaning procedures.

Richard Reynolds
Question by Richard Reynolds
January 23, 2013

No matter how I adjust the setup in CCleaner from deleting Recent Documents in Word and Excel, the program still deletes them. Any solution?

Andrew Constandache
Answer by Andrew Constandache

You will need to download CCEnancher to add additional strings to CCleaner's cleaning abilities in order to keep Recent Documents from deleting. Download the application and run the update and then start CCLeaner. From the cleaning interface click on the Applications tab and search on the list for everything that has connection to office package or applications then perform cleaning.

Question by Guest
December 7, 2013
Answer by Sean Hill

CCleaner is not available for mobiles, just yet. It is being developed for Android phones but this is the only information available. You might need to look on Windows Store for alternative apps.

Stephen Prastman
Answer by Stephen Prastman

The application automatically removes the obsolete files and replaces them with new ones. The process is automated so that you don't have to worry about.

Stephen Prastman
Answer by Stephen Prastman

Be careful when using the Wipe function because it will wipe the drive for good. This is a measure to erase the partitions on a hard drive. Although the option is available, you cannot wipe the system partition.

Question by Guest
July 23, 2015
Answer by Sean Hill

System Scan can be turned off through the Options menu. To do this, open CCleaner, and go to Options > Monitoring. Uncheck Enable System MOnitoring and that's it. The System scan/monitoring will be disabled and CCLeaner will stop displaying notifications related to this option. Additionally, use the image below to see exactly where is the option.

Click to viewenter image description here

Question by Guest #42112400
May 21, 2016
Answer by Aungthet Khaing

I'm using since last month , it is good ,but you need to register full

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