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For years, CCleaner has been the reference in the free PC optimization arena, both because of its many features and its ease of use. To keep up with the times, this excellent and highly efficient utility has improved its history and cache cleaning algorithms for Edge, Internet Explorer 10 and 11, Windows Explorer (MRU lists), and Thunderbird 52. Everything else – its registry cleaner, app uninstaller, duplicate finder, etc. – keeps working like a charm.

Nothing much has changed when it comes to the program’s GUI design. It is still nice to look at and, most importantly, easy to learn and navigate. You will find a set of oversized tabs that will take you directly to the app’s main functionality. The cleaner takes care of all the junk files that your browsers tend to accumulate over time – cookies, history, cache files, and all kinds of traces that might compromise your system’s security. It will also remove all junk files and MRUs (Most Recently Used lists) that third-party apps like also to accumulate unnecessarily. Registry is a powerful registry cleaner that will take care of all broken, obsolete, or unused entries cluttering your Windows registry. When running any of these options, you'll also come across another of the app's main assets that has improved lightning-fast scanning speed.

Tools, however, is probably the most interesting of all menu options. Here you will find a thorough app uninstaller, a startup manager, a plug-in browser, a disk analyzer, a duplicate finder, a system restore utility, and a drive wiper. All of these tools will help you keep your PC clean of unnecessary apps, duplicate files, apps, plug-ins, and other temporary or junk files that not only take up valuable space but may also compromise your privacy.

This is a true free optimization tool, not the average trial version that simply shows what needs to be removed and asks you to register to actually remove it – CCleaner really does the job with a set of utilities that share the same easy-to-use approach and the same high level of efficiency. CCleaner can be upgraded to the Professional version for real-time monitoring and scheduled cleaning, or even to a Professional Plus version that adds disk defragmentation, file recovery, and hardware inventory tools to the lot. If looking for a true free PC optimization tool that is both versatile and efficient, CCleaner is surely a top choice.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Lightning-fast scanning speed
  • High level of accuracy
  • Removes all traces and junk files for good
  • Duplicate files detector
  • Startup manager
  • Support for all popular browsers


  • Uninstalls one app at a time
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